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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dark Justice - Part 2

Star-crossed superheroine Dark Justice (played by Tanya Danielle) is reeling from a sadistic attack by an invisible alien. She holes up in a rundown motel to prevent the creature from tracing her movements. Raging emotions of anger, despair, and desperation collide inside of her head. Finally she calls fellow crimefighter Cassandra (played by Stacy Burke) who immediately flies to the hideaway. Without much preamble Dark Justice launches into a detailed description of the ordeal she suffered at the hands of the alien. Instead of offering advice or consolation Cassandra reacts with disgust, practically accusing Dark Justice of bringing the misfortune upon herself. Waves of tension permeate the room and soon the two women are rising to their feet, each of them assuming a fighting stance. With sickening certainty Dark Justice realizes that she must ensure that Cassandra can never repeat what she has just learned..

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Adventures of Terra 1

Terra (Tanya Danielle) is drawn to the lair of evil villainess Lynx (Stacy Burke). Lynx has Terra's sidekick, Half Moon Girl, and intends to force her into sexual slavery. Employing very little caution Terra enters Lynx's den of iniquity hoping to find Half Moon Girl. It turns out that she has underestimated the cunning of Lynx and she herself falls into the clutches of the ruthless villainess! Lynx uses a special lip gloss to totally subjugate the buxom, blonde superheroine and proceeds to sexually humiliate her before landing an endless barrage of vicious punches to her belly. Will Terra be able to survive this brutal physical punishment coupled with the stunning loss of her own dignity? Find out by downloading this first episode of the Adventures of Terra series at now. This video is a belly-punching bonanza!!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Cheerleader Humiliation

Head cheerleader Tanya Danielle will not allow Stacy Burke on the squad despite Stacy's proven gymnastic and dancing abilities. "You are too fat." Tanya tells her. For over 30 minutes the snotty bitch abuses her authority by pointing out every way that Stacy is inferior to the other women who have made the team. A humiliated Stacy can do nothing but accept the abuse and continue groveling for Tanya's approval..

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Buxom Servants in Bondage

The Klaw Estate looms atop a large hill in the Aurizon National Forest. Librarian Stacy Burke arrived on the property in March of 2002 and never departed. She literally has remained on the premises for nearly a decade without leaving as she organizes and cares for the thousands upon thousands of rare volumes contained in the Klaw family's reading room. Occasionally she readies part of the collection for travel when Mr. Klaw decides to loan out some of his tomes to the Smithsonian or the Getty. Despite her important duties Ms. Burke sleeps in the servants' quarters with the rest of the household staff. One of them, a particularly flighty chambermaid named Tanya, drives her nearly to distraction. Tanya has only recently arrived on the grounds and Ms Burke doubts that she will last long. With increasing frequency the maid claims to encounter cold gusts of wind inside the mansion which lift her skirt and blow strands of her hair loose from her regulation French braid. She also hears unexplained noises and, on one occasion, insisted that she saw a monogrammed, white handkerchief and several lengths of white clothesline traveling across the room in midair as if being transported by an invisible figure. Ms. Burke regularly cautions Tanya to rein in her overactive imagination and refrain from sharing her delusions with others. Tanya tries to follow her guidance, but sometimes she breaks. On a blistering cold Thursday afternoon the buxom, blonde maid races into the sitting area where Ms. Burke is recording something inside of a thick, black ledger. "I felt a presence!" Tanya exclaims in a trembling voice. "At first it was just watching me, but then it yanked my braid and tried to unlace the top of my uniform!" For the thousandth time Ms. Burke sighs, puts aside her work, and tries to allay Tanya's fears. Just when the maid seems to be calming down a window blows open and a silvery mist wafts into the room. Tanya's face turns a ghostly white and her mouth falls open in shock. In spite of herself Ms. Burke feels her heart skip a beat... Twenty minutes later the librarian and the maid are perched next to one another on the very edge of the sitting room couch. Tight, white ropes bind their ankles, knees, and wrists while white strips of cloth muffle their cries of distress. Neither woman could discern the appearance - or even the shape - of the spectral entity which had subdued them with a blinding vapor before placing them in bondage and then disappearing from the room. Almost unwillingly Ms. Burke's mind turns to the 15th-century volumes which Mr. Klaw keeps locked in a vault on the third floor of the mansion. Each of these worn, leather-clad editions contains meticulously rendered drawings of fair, voluptuous women bound with rope and placed amidst the furnishings of a medieval castle. Ms. Burke has never told anyone about the existence of these books. Now she begins to wonder what other insidious secrets the Klaw family is harboring inside the walls of this secluded estate in the forest. When Ms. Burke's mind returns to the present she joins Tanya in struggling against the ropes as if her very life depends on it..

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Sparring Superstars: Stacy vs. The Chairman

After viewing footage of WTB flyweight champion Stacy Burke showboating in the ring during sparring sessions with training partners Tanya Danielle and Hollywood, the Chairman of the WTB stubbed out his fine Cuban cigar and paged his assistant. Within hours he had boarded his private jet and begun the transatlantic journey from London to Los Angeles where he intended to confront Stacy about her antics. Upon arrival at the WTB's Los Angeles training facility the Chairman found Tanya and Hollywood having a heated exchange in the locker room with the unrepentant troublemaker. "Don't you ladies know how to conduct a civilized training session?" he demanded of the trio. "The three of you are behaving like the lowest form of hot totty to ever enter a public tavern, let alone a boxing ring." Chastened, Tanya and Hollywood sighed and gazed downward at their feet. They both jerked their heads sharply upwards just a moment later when guffaws of mocking laughter filled the air. Stacy was chortling with glee. "C'mon, Chairman, step into the ring with me and I'll show you exactly how civilized our training sessions can be!" After a few moments of stunned silence the Chairman peeled off his well-tailored suit to reveal a physique untouched by sunshine at any point in the last 5 years. "Looks like it is high time for you to experience some of our famous California weather." Stacy remarked. "You have been living on that dank, grey island for far too long." The Chairman merely shook his head at her levity and began lacing on his gloves, totally unsure of how these incipient rounds in the ring would affect future gender relations in the WTB organization..

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Poor Sportsmanship

WTB champion boxer Stacy Burke routinely laments the lack of viable competition in the flyweight division. Her petite frame prevents her from moving up a weight class, but she does often train with WTB bantamweight champion Tanya Danielle. In this clip we see the two fighters entering the ring for what is supposed to be a light sparring session/promotional video opportunity. WTB officials plan to use the footage to help promote Tanya's upcoming title defense tournament. Stacy, however, quickly forgets about the original agenda as she attempts to both physically and psychologically dominate her training partner. After overcoming her initial surprise Tanya responds to Stacy's aggression in true sporting fashion. Fellow WTB fighter Hollywood presides over this shocking training session gone awry and the veteran competitor can barely believe her eyes as Stacy mockingly exhibits every possible example of poor sportsmanship. Eventually she halts the proceedings by ordering Tanya back to her corner. She reminds Stacy that Tanya cannot afford to risk injury so soon before her upcoming tournament. Tanya bitterly retreats to the ropes as Stacy performs a derisive victory dance in the far side of the ring..

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Monday, September 13, 2010

In Your Face

Given our history you would not think that Stacy Burke and I would elect to spend a summertime afternoon watching television together. Nonetheless, last weekend we sat on my couch enjoying replays of some recent MMA bouts.

"That guy in the blue trunks would not last one round with me." I commented to Stacy as I gazed at two competitors who were preparing to begin the third round of their fight.

Stacy said nothing.

"He has no defense, no defense at all." I said.

The noise of the cheering crowd on the television set filled my living room. Stacy remained silent.
"He would not last one round with me." I persisted. "You know about my lethal right arm, don't you? I could knock him out with one punch. It wouldn't even be a contest."

Stacy stared at the television without comment.

"Are you listening to me?" I asked her.

She said nothing for a few moments and then finally favored me with a glance. I could see the resignation on her face.

"Yes, I am listening to you." she said at last. "In fact, I feel like I'm sitting next to some drunk fool inside a wood-panelled bar in Iowa. I can't seem to ignore you no matter how hard I try. Should I just nod my head and tell you what a great fighter you are? Will that shut you up?"

My eyes narrowed as my blood started to race. Soon enough Stacy and I were on our feet preparing to do battle. A devastating brawl ensued. Both Stacy and I hit the carpet more than once. When Stacy went down the first time I celebrated my feat of strength by standing on her face. She later returned the favor. Join to find out which of us ultimately endured the most insult and injury..

XO Tanya