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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Poor Sportsmanship

WTB champion boxer Stacy Burke routinely laments the lack of viable competition in the flyweight division. Her petite frame prevents her from moving up a weight class, but she does often train with WTB bantamweight champion Tanya Danielle. In this clip we see the two fighters entering the ring for what is supposed to be a light sparring session/promotional video opportunity. WTB officials plan to use the footage to help promote Tanya's upcoming title defense tournament. Stacy, however, quickly forgets about the original agenda as she attempts to both physically and psychologically dominate her training partner. After overcoming her initial surprise Tanya responds to Stacy's aggression in true sporting fashion. Fellow WTB fighter Hollywood presides over this shocking training session gone awry and the veteran competitor can barely believe her eyes as Stacy mockingly exhibits every possible example of poor sportsmanship. Eventually she halts the proceedings by ordering Tanya back to her corner. She reminds Stacy that Tanya cannot afford to risk injury so soon before her upcoming tournament. Tanya bitterly retreats to the ropes as Stacy performs a derisive victory dance in the far side of the ring..

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