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Monday, September 13, 2010

In Your Face

Given our history you would not think that Stacy Burke and I would elect to spend a summertime afternoon watching television together. Nonetheless, last weekend we sat on my couch enjoying replays of some recent MMA bouts.

"That guy in the blue trunks would not last one round with me." I commented to Stacy as I gazed at two competitors who were preparing to begin the third round of their fight.

Stacy said nothing.

"He has no defense, no defense at all." I said.

The noise of the cheering crowd on the television set filled my living room. Stacy remained silent.
"He would not last one round with me." I persisted. "You know about my lethal right arm, don't you? I could knock him out with one punch. It wouldn't even be a contest."

Stacy stared at the television without comment.

"Are you listening to me?" I asked her.

She said nothing for a few moments and then finally favored me with a glance. I could see the resignation on her face.

"Yes, I am listening to you." she said at last. "In fact, I feel like I'm sitting next to some drunk fool inside a wood-panelled bar in Iowa. I can't seem to ignore you no matter how hard I try. Should I just nod my head and tell you what a great fighter you are? Will that shut you up?"

My eyes narrowed as my blood started to race. Soon enough Stacy and I were on our feet preparing to do battle. A devastating brawl ensued. Both Stacy and I hit the carpet more than once. When Stacy went down the first time I celebrated my feat of strength by standing on her face. She later returned the favor. Join to find out which of us ultimately endured the most insult and injury..

XO Tanya


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