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Friday, May 6, 2011

Sparring Superstars: Stacy vs. The Chairman

After viewing footage of WTB flyweight champion Stacy Burke showboating in the ring during sparring sessions with training partners Tanya Danielle and Hollywood, the Chairman of the WTB stubbed out his fine Cuban cigar and paged his assistant. Within hours he had boarded his private jet and begun the transatlantic journey from London to Los Angeles where he intended to confront Stacy about her antics. Upon arrival at the WTB's Los Angeles training facility the Chairman found Tanya and Hollywood having a heated exchange in the locker room with the unrepentant troublemaker. "Don't you ladies know how to conduct a civilized training session?" he demanded of the trio. "The three of you are behaving like the lowest form of hot totty to ever enter a public tavern, let alone a boxing ring." Chastened, Tanya and Hollywood sighed and gazed downward at their feet. They both jerked their heads sharply upwards just a moment later when guffaws of mocking laughter filled the air. Stacy was chortling with glee. "C'mon, Chairman, step into the ring with me and I'll show you exactly how civilized our training sessions can be!" After a few moments of stunned silence the Chairman peeled off his well-tailored suit to reveal a physique untouched by sunshine at any point in the last 5 years. "Looks like it is high time for you to experience some of our famous California weather." Stacy remarked. "You have been living on that dank, grey island for far too long." The Chairman merely shook his head at her levity and began lacing on his gloves, totally unsure of how these incipient rounds in the ring would affect future gender relations in the WTB organization..

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