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Monday, April 30, 2012

Adventures of Terra 1

Terra (Tanya Danielle) is drawn to the lair of evil villainess Lynx (Stacy Burke). Lynx has Terra's sidekick, Half Moon Girl, and intends to force her into sexual slavery. Employing very little caution Terra enters Lynx's den of iniquity hoping to find Half Moon Girl. It turns out that she has underestimated the cunning of Lynx and she herself falls into the clutches of the ruthless villainess! Lynx uses a special lip gloss to totally subjugate the buxom, blonde superheroine and proceeds to sexually humiliate her before landing an endless barrage of vicious punches to her belly. Will Terra be able to survive this brutal physical punishment coupled with the stunning loss of her own dignity? Find out by downloading this first episode of the Adventures of Terra series at now. This video is a belly-punching bonanza!!


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