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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Villainesses Have More Fun

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The scene opens with Lynx (played by Stacy Burke) sitting on a sofa in the room alone smiling and looking smug as she plays with a small vial of potion she is holding in her hand.

There is a knock at the door. Lynx stays seated but hides the vial between the sofa cushions and says, "Come in."

Terra (played by Tanya Danielle) confidently throws open the door and strides into the room, looking completely secure in her superiority. Terra stands in front of Lynx with her hands on her hips and says disdainfully, "So, Lynx, what's this I hear about you issuing me some kind of pathetic challenge? You know you're no match for me! You were stupid to give me directions to your little hide-out, cuz now I'm taking you in to face justice!"

Lynx smiles and looks Terra up and down hungrily and says, "Not so fast, tits-for-brains! You underestimate me. I'm gonna own every ounce of your arrogant ass today, and before I'm through, the mighty Terra Danyell will be begging me for mercy!"

Terra laughs out loud and says, "Yeah, keep dreaming, Lynx! Now let's go, before I lose my patience!"

Lynx smiles again without getting up and says, "You're gonna lose a lot more than patience today, Terra. In fact, the first thing you're gonna lose is your silly pretense of virtue. I'm gonna show the world what a super-slut you really are by turning you into my little slave and catching it all on cameras hidden around this room."

Terra glares at Lynx and says, "Yeah, and what makes you think I'm going to submit to your twisted little desires?"

Lynx smiles bigger than ever and says, "I thought you'd never ask! You see, Terra, I've abducted your little protégé, Half Moon Girl. And you're going to do exactly as I say, or she dies!"

Suddenly, Terra's face turns to rage, and she yells, "Where is Half Moon Girl, you sick bitch! You're gonna pay for messing with her!"

With that, Terra grabs Lynx and drags her to her feet and punches her in the face, which sends Lynx sprawling across the floor. Lynx gets up and tries to fight back, but Terra easily blocks Lynx's punches and instead throws Lynx against the wall where she pounds the helpless villain with a strong series of mostly belly punches, with a few breast punches thrown in as well. After a minute of this one-sided belly/breast beating against the wall, Terra lets Lynx crumple to the floor and says, "Had enough, you low-life coward? Now, where is Half Moon Girl?"

Lynx gasps for air as she holds her battered abdomen, but she also starts to laugh an evil laugh and smile up at Terra.

Terra demands, "What's so funny, wench!"

Lynx struggles to her feet, still laughing and explains, "The cameras are rolling, and my associates who are guarding Half Moon Girl can see everything that happens here. And I've instructed them to take turns doing to Half Moon Girl anything that you do to me by way of resistance. And there are FIVE of them!" Lynx holds up her hand to show five fingers for emphasis. "So thanks to you, Half Moon Girl's sweet little body is being pounded to dust right now, and it'll probably take another 10 minutes for all five of them to finish having their go at her as it is. And every time you resist me, you will just keep multiplying her pain exponentially, as she will get whatever you give me 5 times over!" Lynx laughs wickedly.

Terra looks stunned and horrified and backs away from Lynx in despair and says, "Oh no! What have I done? Okay, okay, you win! Tell them to stop! I'll do what you ask!"

Lynx grins widely and walks back to the couch where she settles down and gets comfortable. She says to Terra, "Sorry, toots, the rules are the rules. Half Moon Girl will have to take the medicine you already gave her. But it's up to you how much more she gets."

Terra exclaims, "Fine, fine, I'll do anything! What do you want?"

Lynx says, "Ah, now that's better. First, how about a sexy little lap dance to raise my mood after your rude behavior! And you'd better make it worth my time! Put that superbody to work!"

Terra looks horrified and embarrassed by this vulgar request. But she catches herself and stifles her protest. Instead, she takes a deep breath, and begins a highly seductive lap dance, including rubbing her breasts against Lynx's breasts and turning around to wiggle her bottom directly on Lynx's lap. Lynx, of course, enjoys this treat and reaches out to grope Terra's body every now and then.

But after Terra has danced for about a minute or so, Lynx tells her she's done very well, and now it's time for the next stage. Lynx says she wants to worship Terra's sculpted belly and lovely breasts with her mouth, before paying Terra back for the punching session against the wall.

Terra looks even more embarrassed but doesn't protest. She says, "Whatever it takes to save Half Moon Girl. But you must realize your punches can't hurt me anyway."

Lynx smiles and says, "Well, we'll see about that." With that, Lynx reaches between the sofa cushion and takes out the vial of lip gloss and starts to apply some to her lips.

Terra starts to look worried and instinctively backs away a few steps. She says, "What's that? I sense some low-level radiation, the kind that only comes from Terranite! But it's faint. You don't have enough Terranite in there to really threaten me."

Lynx grins again and says, "Yes, quite right, dear. Terranite is hard to come by since you've managed to rid the planet of most of it. But this is my own special concoction designed just for you. I think just a little Terranite mixed with the right blend of pheromones, herbs, and relaxers--combined with my own natural charm--might just soften you up a bit wherever my lips land. So, come closer, dear, and let me have a taste of that ripe superbod of yours!"

Now Terra looks really concerned, but she steps forward to stand directly in front of Lynx, who is still sitting on the edge of the sofa. This places Terra's bare belly right in front of Lynx's face.

Lynx reaches up and takes Terra by the hips and pulls her even closer and begins to sensually kiss Terra's abdomen, particularly the navel, which she probes with her tongue as well. Lynx talks sweetly to Terra along the way, telling her what a perfect belly and tempting navel she has. Terra tries to concentrate to resist letting this arouse her, but as Lynx's lips touch her skin with the lip gloss potion, Terra weakens and begins to show some excitement, in spite of herself. She writhes her hips slowly and pushes out her abdomen for Lynx's caressing lips. Eventually, she even takes Lynx's head in her hands and pulls Lynx's face in deeper to her belly. Terra bites her lip in embarrassment at her own excitement, but she can't help herself.

After a few minutes of belly worship, Lynx pauses and puts on more lip gloss and instructs Terra to straddle her lap on the sofa so she can turn her attention to Terra's breasts. Once Terra is sitting on Lynx's lap Lynx begins sensuously massaging Terra's breasts and gently kissing the cleavage. Finally, Lynx tells Terra to take off her top to free her tits. Then Lynx instructs Terra to feed her breasts to Lynx one at a time. Terra complies and removes her top and lifts her tits to Lynx's mouth to suck. Lynx sucks Terra's breasts passionately and deeply. While Terra holds them up for her, Lynx feeds voraciously at each breast in turn for a few minutes. As with the belly worship, Lynx talks sweetly to Terra as she devours her breasts, telling her how magnificent and delicious they are.

Terra is visibly weakening and becoming more and more aroused by the vigorous stimulation of her body and the effect of the lip gloss potion. She begins to writhe on Lynx's lap and groan for more, telling Lynx to suck her breasts even harder and deeper as she arches her back to shove her tits even further into Lynx's open mouth.

After another minute or two, Terra gets so excited and is bucking so wildly that Lynx stops sucking and starts spanking Terra's breasts with her open hand, taunting her by saying, "Oh, I see you actually like it rough, don't you? My little potion is bringing out your true nature. You're every bit as much the super-slut that I imagined!" Terra moans, delirious with desire, and asks Lynx to spank her tits some more, which of course Lynx obliges.

After another minute or two of tit spanking alternating with more deep tit sucking, Lynx finally tells Terra it's time to pay her debt and take the beating she deserves. Lynx makes Terra get up, and she walks her over to the same wall where Terra threw Lynx earlier. Terra doesn't resist and looks completely weak and helpless and love-drunk as Lynx pushes her back against the wall. Terra's arms dangle at her sides without even trying to cover up as Lynx begins slamming fist after fist into Terra's unprotected belly. It's clear that the punches are in fact devastating Terra, as her whole body convulses under the unrelenting blows. But Terra is totally out of it now and cannot fight back or protect herself. So Lynx is in no hurry and enjoys taking her time to savor each deep punch into Terra's belly, sometimes leaving her fist buried in Terra's gut and twisting it around while watching Terra's face writhe in agony. Lynx taunts Terra mercilessly, saying "How does that feel, super-bitch? You like that, don't you? You like my fist pounding into your gut? Not so strong now, are you? I told you I was going to own this vaunted body of yours!" Terra looks completely out of it as the assault continues, but for the most part she stays on her feet. Just once or twice, Lynx lets Terra slump down to the floor, but then Lynx quickly drags her back to her feet and pushes her back up against the wall, saying, "Oh no, I'm not done with you yet!" And she continues for about 5 minutes of pure belly punching.

After about 6 or 7 minutes of belly punching, Lynx says "Well, well, the mighty Terra Danyell's super-stomach is nothing but super-jello now!" She laughs cruelly. "Now it's time to humble those magnificent breasts as well!" With that, Lynx begins giving Terra's breasts the same routine of slow, deliberate, deep punches, sometimes leaving her fist pressed into the breast and writhing it around as she enjoys watching Terra's agony. Lynx continues to taunt Terra by accusing her of liking the beating: "You like it when I make your tits dance like this, don't you?"

After a while, Lynx taunts Terra in this specific way: "Oh, I'm sorry, are the super-tits starting to sag because of my little petting? Here, let me help." With that, Lynx begins using her left hand to push each breast up one at a time to make a better target so she can punch her right fist straight into the nipple as deep as she can. She does this to each breast for a few minutes as Terra wobbles on her feet and convulses in renewed grief and uncontrolled arousal.

Finally, after 3 or 4 minutes of breast punching, Lynx lets Terra crumple to the floor again in exhaustion. Then Lynx goes back to the sofa and gets the lip gloss potion. She comes back and puts one last dose of lip gloss on her mouth before hoisting Terra back to her feet a final time. With Terra leaning helplessly against the wall, arms dangling at her sides, Lynx tells Terra that she's finally going to let her cum, to complete her humiliation and defeat. So Lynx kneels in front of Terra and kisses and licks her belly/navel again for a minute with the newly applied lip gloss, and then she similarly stands back up and sucks deeply on each of Terra's breasts one last time, while Terra moans loudly and begins to approach the edge of uncontrolled excitement. Then Lynx instruct Terra to beg her for a final series of belly blows to bring her to climax. Terra can't help herself, and she begs for it: "Punch me! Punch my soft belly as deep as you can, right in the navel!" Lynx delivers three more final luxurious blasts to Terra's belly button. With the last punch, Terra exclaims in climax and crumples over Lynx's fist, which is still buried in her stomach. Lynx lowers Terra's body to the ground, where Terra lays motionless, unconscious.

Lynx puts her hands and her hips and looks down at the fallen heroine with great satisfaction and smug delight. She laughs out loud and says, "And now I'm off to have my way with your little friend, Half Moon Girl, as well! It's like I always say, 'Villainesses have more fun!'" With that, Lynx laughs wickedly again and leaves the room.

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- XXOO Tanya


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