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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dr. Freudenia

Dr. Freudenia, (played by Francesca Le), runs a successful psychiatric practice catering to superheroines. Her patients suffer from a variety of mental disturbances, many of them caused by post traumatic stress disorder. Superheroine Terra Danyell seeks out the expertise of Dr. Freudenia because she is haunted by memories of beatings she suffered at the hands of villainness Lynx (played by Stacy Burke.) Lynx had tortured Terra with several different episodes of extreme belly-punching brutality. Oddly, Terra feels intense pangs of arousal when she reflects on the belly punches. She desperately needs the services of Dr. Freudenia to cure her of her inappropriate, lust-filled thoughts. Unbeknownst to the fair-haired superheroine Dr. Freudenia utilizes some extremely unorthodox methods of treatment. Often the crafty doctor forces her patients to subject themselves yet again to the very torment that caused their emotional trauma.

A computer generated image of Dr. Freudenia appears above. You can see the true Dr. Freudenia in the flesh by buying episodes #4 and #5 of The Adventures of Terra Danyell at my Custom Video Theatre!

- XO Tanya


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