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Friday, October 19, 2007


Somewhere in our solar system exists a planet, Circumsphere, whose ruling class only allows its inhabitants to have one stereotypical identity. The members of the populace can become bank robbers, schoolteachers, police officers, cowboys, nuns, pimps, or whatever. Once an individual chooses his or her identity then he or she can never deviate from the expectations attendant to that persona. If anyone is caught breaking character then he or she faces lifelong banishment to the planet Earth. He or she can never again return to Circumsphere. Life on Circumsphere is good: abundant food, entertainment, and happiness for everyone. Everybody knows his or her own role so there is never any confusion except among the youth who are preparing to choose their own personal destinies. At the age of 18 each young adult seals his or her own fate by picking a lifelong course to follow.

Stacy chose to remain a perennial schoolgirl. Her friend Tanya chose to become an angel. Stacy would spend her lifetime wearing short skirts, attending classes, sneaking cigarettes, and flirting with members of the football team. Tanya would devote her existence to bringing inner peace to the masses, helping individuals solve their problems, and acting as a moral compass to all of Circumsphere. Both women performed brilliantly for years. Recently Tanya began to falter. She feared being banished to Earth, a coarse planet teeming with ambiguity, but she could not seem to help herself from occasionally indulging her untoward desires. She liked sex and she liked to drink. Of course such behavior is verboten for angels. She only did these things rarely, but she had to make sure that no one found out that she became a fornicating drunk on certain piteous evenings.

When the mood struck Tanya would slink around dark alleys and meander into dirty pool halls. Inhabitants of those places could wallow in all the debauchery that they might like because generally they were folks who had chosen disreputable identities such as pimp, thief, stripper, etc. Additionally, the reputable people in those venues could indulge in illicit behavior too. For instance, no one would begrudge a bartender the opportunity to consume liquor or have casual sex because such antics are not totally out of keeping with the stereotypical persona of a bartender. An angel, however, should never even venture into a dimly lit bar unless she's intending to help others. Tanya was stepping way out of character when she went prowling for sex and booze. She hoped she would never get caught. Alas, her hopes were in vain. One night Stacy the schoolgirl just so happened to sneak into a dive bar with a fake ID and a group of her friends. She recognized Tanya (even though Tanya had discarded her angel garb for the evening) and watched aghast as Tanya pounded vodka and then disappeared out a side exit with an outlaw biker. Stacy jumped up to follow her and darted out an alternate exit.

Stacy had no trouble spotting the drunken angel stumbling down the sidewalk on the arm of the motorcycle enthusiast. Within two minutes the angel had dropped to her knees and was giving the biker a blowjob in the shadows against a brick wall. Stacy stopped dead in her tracks and clapped a hand over her mouth. She could not believe what she was seeing. All of a sudden the gravity of the situation hit her and she turned on her heel and went running back to the bar as fast as her black patent Mary Jane shoes could take her.

Two long days passed before Stacy had the nerve to confront the angel. Finally she told the angel exactly what she'd seen. A few moments of stunned silence encompassed the room where they stood. The angel knew that she would have to quash Stacy or else be banished from Circumsphere forever..

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- XXOO Tanya


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