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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mobster Garage

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"Officer Danielle is perpetually looking for cases that will earn her notoriety among the hierarchy of Los Angeles law enforcement professionals. Sure, she's only a reserve cop, but she is out to make a name for herself. One sunny Saturday afternoon she spots a robbery in progress in Malibu! She draws her revolver as she stalks the young woman who is about to steal a Ferrari from a residential garage and take it joyriding. As the woman reaches for the car door handle Officer Danielle screams "FREEZE!" at the top of her lungs. The woman stops in her tracks and raises her arms above her head.

"I caught you in the act!" Officer Danielle snarls with excitement. "You were about to steal that Ferrari. I've got you for grand theft auto!!"

The woman spins around and flips her third finger up at Officer Danielle's face. Within seconds the woman has disarmed the shocked officer and started kicking her ass. At some point during the beating Officer Danielle realizes that her vicious assailant is none other than legendary Los Angeles mobster Stacy Burkowitz. She stares up at Stacy from the concrete floor as the queenpin gets ready to stomp on her ribcage one more time.

"Please! I did not realize who you were.. please stop!" Officer Danielle pleads.

Stacy pauses for a moment and then looks the downed officer straight in the eye..

"You tried to arrest me in my own garage." Stacy hisses at her. "I was about to take my Ferrari out for a spin and you tried to arrest me as if I were a common criminal!"

Stacy begins fuming again as she ponders the indignity.

"You know what?" the queenpin says to the cringing officer. "You deserve more than just a beating. I'm going to sell you into white slavery! You will spend the rest of your life servicing unwashed men in Third World countries!!"

Officer Danielle lies quivering on the floor until the mobster returns with a collar and leash.. "

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- XO Tanya


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