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Monday, April 28, 2008

Full Maid Service - shot in POV!

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"Tanya Danielle works as a maid in the home of a wealthy family. Good thing she easily found a new career after circumstances compelled her to retire from the porn industry. When applying for the maid position she took great care to hide her former occupation. After getting hired she made sure to dress very conservatively, wear no makeup, and pull her hair up into an unflattering bun. That all changed one day when she saw the college-age son of her employers as he was masturbating in the shower. All of a sudden she knew that she had to seduce him. She became obsessed with the idea and began wearing short skirts and Dolly Parton hairstyles to catch his attention. Finally, on one bright Saturday afternoon, Tanya succeeds in taking advantage of the naive young man when his parents are out of the house at a charity function.. "

Buy Full Maid Service at now! It's shot entirely in POV with Stacy Burke wielding a strap-on dildo and playing the role of the college-age son :-)

- XO Tanya


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