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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stacy Turns to Stone - Take 5

On a bright Tuesday morning Stacy Burke arrives at the apartment of her odd neighbor Biff. Biff had left a note on her door requesting that she stop by his place. Too nice to refuse Stacy makes time on her way to work to see what he needs. Biff waves her indoors after she rings the doorbell. He is pointing a video camera at her. Stacy sighs inwardly. Everyone in the neighborhood knows that Biff is strange and Stacy is one of the few who tolerates his antics. She feels sorry for him. "Why did you want me to come by?" she inquires. Biff does not answer but keeps the camera leveled at her head. "Biff, what's up?" Stacy asks, exasperation creeping into her tone. He begins waving his left hand in front of her face. She stares at him with puzzlement. Even Biff doesn't normally act this weird. Stacy starts to tell Biff that she needs to leave for work when she catches sight of a spell book sitting on his coffee table. She leans forward to get a better look at it. "Biff, are you kidding me?" she asks him. He keeps on making hand motions in front of her face, but does not respond. "Do you really think that you can put a magic spell on me?" she inquires with a laugh. Stacy shakes her head and turns to leave. Then she turns to leave again. But she can't. Stacy's feet are rooted to the floor and she has no mobility in her legs at all. What Stacy does not yet know is that Biff has cast a spell on her that will slowly, inevitably turn her into a plastic mannequin and leave her forever at his mercy....

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