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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Freezing the Competition #2

Francesca Le is a rich and successful businesswoman arriving back to her hotel after a stressful day at work where she has been trying to fend off a takeover of her company. She desperately needs a little time to relax and relieve some stress. Francesca pulls out her collection of sex toys so she can give herself a little attention. To get in the mood she strips off her business suit, revealing that she is wearing thigh-high boots and sexy lingerie under her conservative office attire. She slowly removes some of the lingerie, leaving the boots on, and begins to caress herself.

Soon Francesca finds a bottle of body oil among her sex toys and starts to slowly and sensuously apply it all over her body, paying extra attention to her full, luscious breasts. Over the next few minutes something astonishing happens: Francesca starts to lose the ability to move! Her confusion and fear become apparent as she realizes that the oil must be tainted with a magic potion. Frantically Francesca tries to wipe it off with her hands but it’s too late and she winds up lying motionless and helpless on the hotel bed.

Unbeknownst to Francesca Stacy Burke has been watching the proceedings from inside a closet. Stacy is the owner of the corporation that is attempting to seize control of Francesca's company and she will lose millions if the takeover doesn’t go through. While Francesca had been attending a conference Stacy had broken into her hotel room and planted the magic oil. Of course Stacy now wants to make sure that the job is done properly so she continues to apply the oil to Francesca's frozen body. She laughs gleefully as she ensures that Francesca's body is completely saturated with oil. Francesca can neither move nor speak. Stacy hadn’t realized how much she would get turned on by Francesca's vulnerability and beauty. She starts putting Francesca in different poses, caressing her and having fun with her motionless body. Whilst playing with Francesca, Stacy can’t resist playing with her own boobs as well.

For a period of time Stacy continues to both molest and taunt the terrified Francesca, asking her if she has any idea what will happen to her next. Poor Francesca cannot answer, but the fear is plainly evident in her eyes. At last Stacy informs Francesca that she is to become a store mannequin at a sex shop which specializes in heavy duty bondage and domination equipment. Stacy laughs cruelly as she alerts Francesca that her team will be arriving momentarily to box Francesca up and ship her off to the shop.

Alas, this will be Stacy's last opportunity for mirth. Soon she will realize that she has inadvertently spread the oil over her own boobs and that she too is starting to freeze...

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