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Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Senator's Dirty Secret

New at The Senator's Dirty Secret - Part 1

State Senator Brian Smith, a prominent Democrat from Maine, periodically flies out to California to meet with an old political crony named Jerry Brown. Well, that's what Senator Smith tells his wife. In actuality the main reason he visits the West Coast is so he can bang pornstar Tanya Danielle and her hot, sexy girlfriends. Last week Tanya invited Stacy Burke to come have a menage-a-trois with her and Senator Smith. Stacy jumped at the opportunity, but needed a little time to get a massage so she would be ready for an evening of wild, unrelenting, acrobatic sex. This clip opens with Tanya at her palatial mansion in Malibu. She stares out the window at the rippling, blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and then starts to rub her pussy through her white cotton panties. She gets herself all wet and bothered as she stimulates herself and struts around in her skimpy outfit. Tanya just can't stop ruminating aloud about the sexual acts that she wants to perform on both the Senator and Stacy as soon as they arrive!!

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- XO Tanya


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