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Friday, February 29, 2008

Sexy Secretaries - Part 1

New at Sexy Secretaries - Part 1

"Something is up at the office. Stacy Burke stays practically chained to her desk for twelve hours each day. She comes into the office on the weekends even when she is not asked. She has the constant sensation that she is falling behind on her workload. Other secretaries in her department have that same sinking feeling, but not Tanya Danielle. Tanya doesn't feel like adhering to the normal tradition of toiling at the office from 9am to 5 pm. She's got better stuff to do. Generally she doesn't even show up in the morning until 10 or 11am. By noon, or perhaps a bit before, she leaves to go to lunch. It is unclear whether or not she ever bothers to eat anything because she usually returns about 3 hours later reeking of liquor, cigarette smoke, and cheap perfume. Sometimes she has glitter on her face. Rumor has it that she likes to get lap dances at one of the local strip clubs about 4 or 5 times a week. Evidently one or some of the dancers have no problem buffing her face with their big boobs. Sometimes their sparkly body lotion rubs off on her, but Tanya never takes a moment to wipe it away. By the time she is done partying during her lunch hour she is not able to differentiate the individual specks of glitter on her face from the other bright lights she sees dancing in her head. So how does Tanya get any work done? What type of performance reviews does she receive? Well, Tanya's boss always gives her stellar reviews.

This past Friday Stacy received a dismal work performance review from the very same boss. Stacy wants to know Tanya's secret - she is just dying to know how the big-titted, blonde imbecile has become the pet of their boss. It turns out that Tanya is extremely eager to show her.. "

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- XO Tanya


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