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Monday, February 11, 2008

Dark Angel vs. Ms. Confederate

Superheroines Ms. Confederate and Dark Angel (AKA Stacy Burke) volunteered to help local law enforcement monitor a fraternity party that was taking place on the USC campus. Everything was going fine until Ms.Confederate started drinking what she thought was non-alcoholic fruit punch. The disgusted Dark Angel practically had to carry her to a nearby motel so she did not embarrass them any further. Ms. Confederate passed out on the bed as Dark Angel went back to oversee the throngs of students at the party. Just before dawn Dark Angel returned to the motel room to find that Ms. Confederate was still fast asleep in the middle of the bed. She tried to shove her to one side, but Ms. Confederate would not budge. Finally Dark Angel had had enough and she shook her drunken friend awake. "First you humiliate me and now you won't let me get any sleep!" Dark Angel screamed at her. "I can't take it anymore - you are absolutely worthless and you are a disgrace to the superheroine sisterhood! You have pushed me to the edge.. now I'm going to strip you naked, carry you back to the frat house, and leave your nude body on their doorstep!!" A nasty, nasty battle ensued..

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- XO Tanya


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