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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Catty Coworkers

36DD Tanya Danielle is the new girl at the office. Her coworkers, Zoe Britton and Stacy Burke hate her guts. They watch with disgust as she uses her ample charms to curry favor with the boss. Tanya becomes the subject of many of their lunchtime conversations and they decide that they must take action against the brazen bimbo. On a given Tuesday evening they lie in wait at her home. When Tanya comes indoors after her evening swim the two women are waiting in her living room. Utterly shocked and infuriated, Tanya begins to fight but is quickly subdued by her attackers who then implement a ruthless campaign of torture against their victim. They strip off her bikini top, choke her with it, and proceed to maul her breasts and torso. When they see how sensitive her belly is the two women work it relentlessly! They stretch out her midsection and scrape their fingernails across her bare flesh until Tanya nearly passes out. To revive her they claw her breasts and pussy, bite her, and laugh in her face before resuming the abuse to her belly. Somewhere in the midst of this ordeal Stacy and Zoe start to become aroused. Instead of clawing and viciously groping their victim the two women begin to caress her body and kiss it. Tanya immediately responds to their erotic attentions and lets her pleasure build until she reaches a state of absolute ecstasy...

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