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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Officer Down!

Catburglars Stacy Burke and Francesca Le like to work hotels. They usually hit the rooms of convention attendees who are visiting Los Angeles. On a particular Monday the two thieves gain access to the suite of a high-powered CEO. Initially they only find $43 and a cheap cellphone in a drawer of the nighttable, but Francesca feels confident that she will discover more loot in either the walk-in closet or the woman's suitcase. She leaves to explore while Stacy remains in the bedroom. All of a sudden LAPD officer Tanya Danielle bursts onto the scene. She flies into the room and points her service revolver at Stacy's head. Stacy slowly lifts her hands towards the ceiling as Officer Danielle cackles with glee and informs her that she will be going to jail for a long, long time. Before Stacy can respond Francesca sneaks up behind the blonde officer, grabs her around the neck in a chokehold, and disarms her. Officer Danielle is still reeling with shock as the two catburglars beat her down and embark on a hideous campaign of sexual torture. Or is it sexual torture? Does Officer Danielle really mind being forced to suck on their nipples and later eat their pussies at gunpoint? All we know is that she never did report the incident or file charges against the two beautiful but ruthless women...

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